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At the beginning, she turned the television up so her child would not hear the gunshots and explosives nearby. She trained her child to close his nose and stop breathing as they passed by the piles of garbage in their district. When there were scenes of torture, she pointed out to a far area in the opposite direction saying: “there are swings there ». As gunshots became closer, she hugged her child putting her hands around his ears. As their neighbor’s house was destroyed and their flesh was spread everywhere, she covered her child’s eyes with her hands. When she was taking her child out of the wreckage, his eyes, his ears, his nose, his mouth and his hands were all open, and there was no need to close them anymore. She opened her mouth and did a loud scream, so everybody all around the world could hear her, but it was so loud that they needed to close their ears.


Membre de la rédaction neuchâteloise de Voix d’Exils

Resource: Voix d’Exils | Migrations et Societes | La Voix des Migrants (

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